Dan Plummer

Dan Plummer

Since the day I was born I have lived with Rock ‘n’ Roll, and as my Dad Jim, is the Lead guitarist, it was inevitable that one day I would follow his footsteps. I started playing guitar when I was aged 11; I learnt some basic chords but gave it up after about a year. At 16 I left school and started college, as the majority of my studying was carried out during curricular hours, I had evenings and weekends to practice. I began playing modern rock, but as I started attending more of my Dad’s gigs I became more interested in Rock ‘n’ Roll. I began reading rock ‘n’ roll sheet music, but after a few months was able to learn most songs by ear. It was Christmas 2007 that Dad presented me with my first Gretsch, an electromatic series 5120. I have since sold that guitar and bought a Brian Setzer series 6120 which is my preferred choice and I also have a Fender Telecaster as a back up. In 2008 I decided to upgrade my old amp to a Fender Blues Deluxe and in 2010 I upgraded again to a Fender Tonemaster head with a 2x12 cab.

As my playing became more proficient I was occasionally asked to join The Firebirds on stage to play a couple of numbers, this experience proved to be invaluable when I was invited to play a complete set on rhythm guitar with them, that gig went really well, so well in fact that my Dad asked me to join full time. I was asked if I would like to play double bass and took the opportunity with open arms and never looked back. Since joining The Firebirds I have managed to visit and experience some real cool places across the UK, and Europe. One of my favourite gigs was November 2015 in Brazil.

When I’m not playing bass, I spend time learning new songs and studying I have a keen interest in cars old and new, going to the gym. I have also recently discovered the art of song-writing, which I plan to make use of for our next album.

Thanks for reading my profile. When you next see us live feel free to introduce yourself and say hello!


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